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The R & D Company “Start” markets its products in Russia and the former USSR (Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia etc) for more than 40 years. It was established in 1966 and had a long process of development  from a small factory  to an industrial group  and finally entered a new phase of growth to a Research & Development Company and became one of the leading designers and  manufacturers of switching products.

In 1965 the Council of Ministers of the USSR passed the resolution sanctioning  the building –and construction works of a “Kineskop” plant in Novgorod.. The plant was originally designed for manufacturing of TV-sets.

In 1967 the plant yielded  its first pressrun -  TV-channel switches and in the same year the “Kineskop” plant  was renamed as a “50years of 50 October –Plant”.

At the end of 1970 the plant  was repurposed to produce  new items  and since 1971 it has  specialized in  manufacturing of different switching products (electromagnetic relays and switches). Ever since more than 40 years the plant has remained one of the leading manufacturers of relays and switches in Russia.

In 1978 the “50years of 50 October –Plant” became the headquarters plant of the manufacturing group “Start”.

In 1996 the manufacturing group “Start” was reorganized to the State Unitary enterprise “Research & development Company “Start” and in 1998 to the Federal State Unitary enterprise “Research & development Company “Start”. 

In 2003 the Company was reincorporated as a joint stock company with a full state shareholding.

As before the core business of the Company is manufacturing of low current devices: electromagnetic relays and switches, reed relays, mechanical switches etc.

Up to 1990 the dominant product assortment  were relays and switches for communication equipment ( telephone  exchanges for various purposes). Later on the Company expanded  considerably its product  range and its application branches in addition to the communication equipment. . In recent years the Company developed a mass manufacturing of many new relay types   and switches for defense  and general industrial purposes  such as non-contact switching devices (electronic bugs), time relays etc. The main application areas of new products  are communication equipment, industrial automation, machine manufacturing, aerospace equipment, aircraft  and  shipbuilding, safety and fire alarm systems, special-purpose equipment, household devices and so on.

The long-term customers of OAO “R & D “Start” products are more than 1000 companies of all Russian regions, such as RKK “Energia”, Acad. N.A.Pilyugin – NPC AP, Acad. M.F.Reshetnev “Progress”, OAOKAMAS”, OAO “RJD”, nuclear and thermal power plants and many other companies of different industry branches.

The products of OAO “R & D “Start” have been rewarded several national and international exhibition diplomas and medals. Some relay types have a Gold quality certificate and belong to ten best goods of Novgorod region.

OAO “R & D “Start” has all necessary licenses and certificates for the performance of its production activities. The Company is certified by 22 CNII MO RF, the central certification agency for the mentioned  product kinds in compliance with “Voenelectrocert” and “Voenny Registr” voluntary certification system for conformity. The Company has all necessary technologies and production techniques to perform a complete manufacturing cycle.